Young Marines- A Band of "Brothers"

  1. All Young Marines are entitled to dignity and respect as individuals. But all must abide by common standards established by proper authority.

  2. A Young Marine should never lie, cheat, or steal from a fellow Young Marine- nor shall he/she fail to come to the aid of another Young Marine in time of need.

  3. All Young Marines should contribute 100% of their abilities to the Unit's mission. Anything less than 100% effort means other Young Marines  have to take up the slack.

  4. A Young Marine unit, regardless of size, is a disciplined family structure, with similar relationships based on mutual respect among members.

  5. It is essential that issues and problems which tend to lessen a Young Marine unit's effectiveness be addressed and resolved.

  6. A blending of separate cultures, varying educational levels, and different social backgrounds is possible in an unselfish atmosphere of common goals, aspirations and mutual understanding.

  7. Being the best requires common effort, hard work, and teamwork. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

  8. Every Young Marine deserves job satisfaction, equal consideration and recognition of his/her accomplishments.

  9. Knowing your fellow Young Marines well, enables you to learn to look at things "through his eyes" as well as your own.

  10. Issues detracting from the efficiency and sense of well being of an individual should be surfaced and weighed against the impact on the Unit as a whole.