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Don't look upon your promotion as an Honor to you.     Rather,  you work to honor that promotion.






Marine Corps Rank Chart

Private E-1

Private First Class E-2

Lance Corporal E-3

Corporal E-4

Sergeant E-5

Staff Sergeant E-6

Gunnery Sergeant E-7

Master Sergeant E-8

First Sergeant E-8

Master Gunnery Sergeant E-9

Sergeant Major E-9

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps E-9
Warrant Officer

Warrant Officer W-1

Chief Warrant Officer 2 W-2

Chief Warrant Officer 3 W-3

Chief Warrant Officer 4 W-4

Chief Warrant Officer 5 W-5

Second Lieutenant O-1

First Lieutenant O-2

Captain O-3

Major O-4

Lieutenant Colonel O-5

Colonel O-6

Brigadier General O-7

Major General O-8

Lieutenant General O-9

General O-10